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I'm Eleanor Tweddell this is Another Door Podcast, full of brilliant guests sharing their stories of how a career door closing changed their lives, from shock to stuck to thriving. Starting a new business, rethinking your work or getting your next job, this podcast will help give you the confidence to make it happen.

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode I speak to Cornell Thomas, I think he is the perfect person to speak about is it really possible to thrive right now? With everything all around us, all of the headlines we are seeing, just how do we thrive?

Cornell Thomas is an international speaker, entrepreneur, author and coach. His purpose is to inspire and motivate others. Cornell has spoken all over the world sharing his story with people from all walks of life. Daring others to say “What Now” instead of “Why Me” in the face of adversity.  (Recorded at the Crowdcast Thrive Party)

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