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I'm Eleanor Tweddell this is Another Door Podcast, full of brilliant guests sharing their stories of how a career door closing changed their lives, from shock to stuck to thriving. Starting a new business, rethinking your work or getting your next job, this podcast will help give you the confidence to make it happen.

Jul 16, 2021

Less is more, or so the saying goes, but how many of us are brave enough to let go of the things that clutter our life?  The objects we own, just in case we need them?  The DVD collection from 10 years ago, not a single one played for 10 years either? The books we have never read? My guest Chris Lovett After a lifetime of drifting in the comfort zone, decided to pack it all in. Literally.

In this Podcast is his story - following an intense personal revelation while stuck in traffic, Chris unsubscribed from his own safe way of living and opted instead to maximise his world by letting go of everything he ever owned. How? He became a minimalist.

Enjoy this inspiring and thought-provoking episode.  To buy Chris' new book "Discovery of Less" click here:

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